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from by Tribe One

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track used: Dragon's Den // Shrine Bros. from the Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game soundtrack


hook (x2):
get your hands raised like you want to fan the flame
into a rampage blazing like a hand grenade
i can say something to expand your brain
into a landscape big enough to land a plane

verse one:
i am ryu and ken combined and the fire within
has heightened my senses i and my environment blend
to try and defend against my tiger style will end
with you finding out why the messiah in the bible was sent

i don’t try and pretend to live life like cowards do
i train at altitudes gathering power for my alpha move
HADOUKEN! we die as men then rise up again
cuz a fighter’s content only when the violence ends

and then we find twenty five cents and try it again
because, friends, this is how my survival depends
now i’m gonna need some more movement
so act like you’re gonna do a shoryuuken

hook (x2)

verse two:
some call it nerdcore but i prefer a more pure form
so early bird i’m pretty sure there still isn’t a term reserved
i ride the learning curve on a silver surf board
this whole entire verse earned a triple word score

silver age is the new musical doom patrol
viewing the superbowl in the future with booster gold
i’m not your average every day usual human soul
i’ve been imbued with the moves of a super skrull

i hold the mic in my human torch hand
and flame on like the boards on four chan dot org, man
and i ain’t finish the song yet
so put your hands up like you’re rocking the infinity gauntlet

hook (x2)


from anamanaGANGSTA // Devil Rhymeosaur, track released April 11, 2012




Tribe One Atlanta, Georgia

Hi. I hope you like listening to my raps as much as I like making them.

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