anamanaGANGSTA // Devil Rhymeosaur

by Tribe One

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Everybody has that one band that they're completely sure is making music just for them. For me, Anamanaguchi is that band. I feel like all their songs are gifts to me, so this is my gift to them and to you.


released April 11, 2012

All lyrics by Tribe One except on "Midlife Crisis," lyrics by Tribe One and Adam WarRock.

All music by Anamanaguchi, chopped, screwed, cut & pasted by Tribe One.

Album art by Rusty Shackles //




Tribe One Atlanta, Georgia

Hi. I hope you like listening to my raps as much as I like making them.


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Track Name: anamanaGANGSTA
verse one:
this right here is how you write a rap
tear the club up and never get invited back
i'm a survivor and it's the eye of the tiger cat
rapping like i'm in a time attack mode title match

combine a vinyl scratch, final fantasy, spider-man and spinal tap
and that's exactly where my mind is at
i'm david banner with better table manners
made atlanta home and still saved my english major grammar

make space in your daily planner
cuz my vapors will make the paper jam in your laser scanner
i roll like a twenty sided diatribe
with all of my stats maxed to nine hundred and ninety nine

cuz all of my rhymes are as solid as flawless diamonds
hauled out of solomon's mines
probably already polished and shined
kick, punch, it's all in the mind

hook (x2):
damn if feels good to be anamanagangsta
no baby mama drama not a lot of danger
for all of y'all to drop a dollar on a stranger
for that i want to thank you

verse two:
this is nerd rap at it's most thuggish
low budget bling on a shoestring that holds fool's gold nuggets
for the safety of the whole public place me in a cold dungeon
hastily with statements saying "don't touch him"

if you folks must it's best you know we do our own stunts
with no gold fronts this is controlled crunkness
i know hundreds of ways to clone club hits
but won't cuz i came to change the whole subject

this was supposed to be gangsta rap
slap the same exact fake statements on a track to make the bacon fat
and that's ok but once you say it you can't take it back
so no thank you actually i'd rather make the language act

and reign on their parade to make the street a vacant path
to save a blade of grass dehydrated in the pavement cracks
the basic fact is i'm the main attraction when i say the raps
so if you came to clap you have my thanks for that

hook (x2)
Track Name: Midlife Crisis ft. Adam WarRock
i'm in the middle of a midlife crisis
like cinderella when that midnight strike hits
i'm way too old for what a mess my life is
how did i ever let it get quite like this?

verse (Adam WarRock):
30 years old, if I die when I'm sixty
i'm a take the last year, all these memories with me
And if the..afterlife lets me breach space and Time
I'm a find me at 9 and help ease his mind

Cuz I cried, when these kids used to make fun of me
Wondering, if there's…a better life around the corner from me?
I'd tell him, first kiss is like 8 years away
and then at…22, won't know what to do

And then at…24, you'll make a mistake, man
Gonna be stuck in places with no escape plan
I'll say hold those things that made you
All the comics and the video games, they stay true

3 years later you'll start rapping again
And maybe get your chance to have the last laugh, my friend
4 years later you'll go out on tour
With Tribe One, wondering what the next half's got in store…

hook (x2)

verse (Tribe One):
i just turned thirty and there's so much more to do before my thirty third
so i stay up late enough i'm waking up the early birds
all nighters in my arwing starfighter
cuz i might be getting old but maturity's still a dirty word

so how am i supposed to act if i don’t feel my age?
i’m not a parent i’m not married and i own no real estate
i’m already older than michael was in his thriller days
what if i never write a better verse than silver age?

cuz the fact is rap success is far fetched
when i’m stuck paying student loans and credit card debt
like a monetary model of open guitar frets
cuz the notes get higher the lower the bar’s set

so i’m working for an early grave in more than one way
forwarding my pay into a 401k
when i’d rather be performing an assortment of these rhymes
that i’ve been hoarding and recording them and touring some day
Track Name: I'm Kind of a Big Deal
it’s about to get real // i’m kind of a big deal
even when i’m the fifth wheel // i’m kind of a big deal
never ordered a kids meal // i’m kind of a big deal
let me tell you how i feel // i’m kind of a big deal

i’m rolling like a monster truck wheel // i’m kind of a big deal
wiping bugs off my windshield // i’m kind of a big deal
i’ma tell you how i feel // i’m kind of a big deal
cuz it’s about to get real // i’m kind of a big deal

verse one:
the revolution will be super-sized
lace up your shoes suit and ties, my dudes we getting stupefied
i’m like the the who, u2 and the juice crew combined
elusive to define but you can google super fly

lackluster rap sucks up against a master class passionate advocate
ain’t in it for the fast buck
imagine inner city daft punk getting mad crunk
in a mack truck bigger than galactus

i’ve been traveling these podunk back roads
showing off my old school cold crush rap flow
hold up wait a minute blowing up the track yo
so much swag bro both nuts drag low

shooting off at the mouth in first person
i'm the heir apparent of erick sermon the nerd version
word perfect keeping the learning curve swerving
i kick it so hard you’ll see the curvature of the earth turning


verse two:
i came in the game with star power and a fire flower
holding down b and running a hundred miles an hour
and i’ll devour any song any beat
cuz i come at a track like it’s all you can eat

call me the man of tomorrow call me bizarro
i just want a piece of the pie as big as sbarro
i’m top ranked while these slobs draw blanks
and it ought to be obvious i’m bigger than tom hanks

never was another bread and butter getter better
than a mother effing wunderkind descended from the mother ship
a gentleman and lover in the bed and under cover
with a letter from the government i’m telling them to come and get it

never coming unequipped and i’m punishing
anybody trying to run up and publicity stunt
as if what i’m spitting isn’t the sickest wickedest
just admit it this is the biggest you ever witnessed
Track Name: Expand Your Brain
hook (x2):
get your hands raised like you want to fan the flame
into a rampage blazing like a hand grenade
i can say something to expand your brain
into a landscape big enough to land a plane

verse one:
i am ryu and ken combined and the fire within
has heightened my senses i and my environment blend
to try and defend against my tiger style will end
with you finding out why the messiah in the bible was sent

i don’t try and pretend to live life like cowards do
i train at altitudes gathering power for my alpha move
HADOUKEN! we die as men then rise up again
cuz a fighter’s content only when the violence ends

and then we find twenty five cents and try it again
because, friends, this is how my survival depends
now i’m gonna need some more movement
so act like you’re gonna do a shoryuuken

hook (x2)

verse two:
some call it nerdcore but i prefer a more pure form
so early bird i’m pretty sure there still isn’t a term reserved
i ride the learning curve on a silver surf board
this whole entire verse earned a triple word score

silver age is the new musical doom patrol
viewing the superbowl in the future with booster gold
i’m not your average every day usual human soul
i’ve been imbued with the moves of a super skrull

i hold the mic in my human torch hand
and flame on like the boards on four chan dot org, man
and i ain’t finish the song yet
so put your hands up like you’re rocking the infinity gauntlet

hook (x2)
Track Name: I Will Make You Believe In Me
i will make you believe in me i’m a steam breathing demon seed
who strides the line between fiend and genius seamlessly
winning souls for my cause a workman searching for virtue
on the cursed surface of earth if you don’t convert i will hurt you

my doctrine is a cross pollenated concoction
of judas kiss and buddah bliss with pop influences
to give you carnival freaks some harmless belief
i’ll teach you how to harness your chi while armed to the teeth

carve scars in your arms and your feet til the target is reached
and your heart is complete to take part in my arsenic feast
sing praises and bless the savior in flesh
cuz i’m the next logical step from david koresh

i am the spoon man march to the tune of my two hands
pounding out the sound of my triumph found in this new land
come be with me flee from these fake humans’ evil deeds
i am your leader and i will make you believe in me

hook (x2):
i am your leader and i will MAKE you believe in me
Track Name: Devil Rhymeosaur
verse one:
i’m a god. damn. dinosaur
i’m a spiky haired kid with a giant sword
i’m the number one seed in the final four
i‘m the mystery prize hiding behind the door

i’m king kong climbing to the highest floor
i was hired for the job you were applying for
those are my initials next to the highest score
did i mention i’m a god damn dinosaur?

i’m a god. damn. prehistoric creature born riding on meteor
believe me you don’t wanna see what these enormous teeth are for
you need to reinforce cuz seeing me perform
is like a fever dream reading from psychic and a ouija board

seeing me perform is like you’ve died and gone to meet the lord
even more important than a trial in the people’s court
a beacon seen from orbit shining brighter than the phoenix force
rising up the leader boards

hook (x2):
rap music is the devil! it seduced me from a level headed youth into a rebel
and i’ll prove it through the instrumental
i was fine before but rhyming was the final straw
now they call me mother effing devil rhymeosaur!

verse two:
go go gadget flow so savage

i’m a mash up of the commodores and god of war
part parliament and part pauly shore
i’m a piranha out of water that evolved into a hardcore carnivore
so fathers lock your daughters up and bar the door

i’m the security guard of a department store
that follows orders from the sergeant slaughter art of war
and these tiny tyrannosaurus arms were born
for karate chopping like a sharpened sword through particle board

the dragon has entered the ninja turtles dojo
and i don't know if they're insured but i certainly hope so
swagger and mojo by the boatload
i bet you never knew a nerd could flow so virtuoso til you heard my vocal

i'm the baddest mamma jamma when i drop the hammer
squashing all the copy cats and lollygaggers
i'm not just awesome i'm the most logical possible embodiment of modern master
a god damn velociraptor

hook (x3)

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